For the bold point & click adventurers out there.

John Ray's Space Adventure

The search for the ancient Xec device

Archeology, Adventure, Artifacts. To excavate where no space archeologist has dug before.

A retro point & click adventure about John Ray, a space archaeologist under contract by the wealthy Mr. Maljerk. John's adventure begins with the search for ancient artifacts scattered throughout the local star system. These artifacts are part of a powerful device left by a technologically advanced, but mostly forgotten, Xec race.

Travel between different locations and planets, talk to people and robots, make friends, collect inventory items, solve puzzles and interact with the world.

This is gameplay in the best point & click tradition.

“John Ray’s Space Adventure” is a solo-developed game in its truest meaning: from storytelling, artwork & sound design, development, gameplay, production down to publishing, all was hand-crafted by myself (with some help from my indulgent wife).

Press Kit

Download the press kit with screenshots, game features and descriptions that can be used for game reviews or articles:

Press Kit (70MB) Fact sheet

Game screenshots

About the game and its development


What to expect from John Ray’s Space Adventure: at the core it is an indie game, crafted with a lot of love. As I am a single developer and producer, I tried to channel my favorite childhood memories of playing point & click adventure into a new story. Developed in my free time, I hope to have found the right balance between simplicity and content.

  • John Ray's Space Adventure is a classic point & click adventure game.
  • Beautiful pixel art (hope you like it).
  • Wonderful scenes and worlds are waiting to be discovered.
  • Players become John Ray, a space archeologist.
  • There are many characters to talk to.
  • There is some humor and surprises.
  • Items can be collected and used to solve inventory puzzles.
  • John can interact with objects and inventory items.
  • Atmospheric ambient music and cool sound effects (see the credits to check out more from the musicians).
  • The game is in English without a voice-over for a classic gaming experience.
  • A hotspot-highlighting-function helps minimize pixel hunting.
  • Save game slots manually or use the convenient auto-save.
  • An advanced adventure game player will probably need a weekend to finish it, less experienced players may need one to two weeks.
  • An indie game from beginning to the end.
  • Available for iOS and Mac, so you can play it via touch or with a mouse.


Hi, I'm Adam Musial-Bright, a 100% solo producer, artist, developer and ditributor of the point & click adventure game, John Ray's Space Adventure.
No hidden organization or distribution company here.

The inspiration behind this adventure game came from the classics, such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones the fate of Atlantis, Day of the tentacle, Space Quest, The Feeble Files, Star Trek 25th Anniversary and many others. Creating an adventure game was always a dream of mine and over the past three years it became a reality. The game was developed as a hobby project next to my regular day job.

  • First, I created my own point & click adventure framework, named FirstAdventure, to give me precisely the toolset I needed.
  • I designed my own technique to create pixel art and animations.
  • The limitations of being a "team of one" became in my mind quite positive and the game had a strong focus on simplicity.
  • Since I know the iOS/Mac development platform for games the best, I chose this platform as best suited for a single-developer project.
  • My wife helped a lot with the storytelling and feedback, so the good parts are all hers :)
  • The whole development to release took exactly 3 years from start to finish, 1 year for the framework, 2 years for content and game development (but it felt much longer).
  • The release date for John Ray's Space Adventure is Q2 2022 and I can’t wait to publish it.

Any questions or suggestions?

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